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Algiers Animal Clinic joins Fix-A-Canine

Jefferson SPCA welcomes Algiers clinic into spay neuter program

Algiers Animal clinic located at 3807 General De Gaulle Dr in New Orleans signed up as a participant of Jefferson SPCA's spay and neuter program. The Fix-A-Canine and Fix-A-Feline program has been in operation for 5 years and is close to completing 50,000 spay and neuter surgeries. Jefferson SPCA's spay and neuter program only available to Jefferson Parish residents or cats with a Jefferson Parish address. While Algiers Animal Clinic is located in Orleans Parish, the clinic serves many clients from the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish.

Reduce the overpopulation of homeless pets: Overcrowding and overpopulation is the number one contributor to pet euthanasia. By ensuring your pet cannot inadvertently reproduce, you give existing animals a better chance at life.

Health Benefits: Spayed and Neutered pets have longer life spans than their un-neutered counterparts and are at a reduced risk for many cancers.

Save on pet care: The high cost of healthcare for illnesses associated with reproductive health are very high and the cost of licensing a pet is higher for unaltered pets. A healthy pet is a healthy wallet.

Improve behavior: Spayed and neutered pets are more docile and less likely to engage in unwanted behaviors such as fighting, barking and straying in search of a mate.

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