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Foster and Rest & Relaxation (R&R) Programs

Foster Program

If you want to make a direct impact on an animal’s life while enriching your own, the foster program is an amazing way to help. Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services (JPAWS) can help you connect with an animal that needs you while they wait for their forever home.  A foster animal offers companionship and gratitude while freeing up space for more animals in need of care.  In addition, it makes the animal more adoptable and promotes faster acclimation to a home setting. We encourage potential foster families to focus on adult dogs, senior dogs, and kittens; animals that would otherwise live without the loving touch and stability so crucial to their health and happiness. Remember, as a foster, you not only save one life but two by creating space in the shelter to rescue more animals. DOWNLOAD OUR FOSTER FAQ HERE.

Rest & Relaxation Program

Many people are hesitant to foster shelter animals for a variety of reasons, including the fear of long term attachment. Most of these reasons are based on misconceptions. Fostering doesn’t have to be long-term! You can give one of JPAWS shelter dogs a break for a few hours, a night, or a full ​weekend.  If you are interested in short-term fostering, there’s a place for you in the Rest & Relaxation (R&R) Program​. Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services' (JPAWS) R&R program helps by reducing the stress and depression many animals suffer from while in a shelter environment.  It also helps to get to know them better in a home setting which ultimately helps their adoption potential. DOWNLOAD OUR RnR FAQ HERE.


If you are interested in participating in the JPAWS Foster or R&R  program, email JPAWS directly at

You can also join the dedicated JPAWS Foster/R&R Group on Facebook HERE where you can communicate with JPAWS staff and other foster volunteers, and see urgent requests for either shelter.

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