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Adopt a Working Cat

Interested in Working Cats?

Traditional family homes aren’t for every cat.

Working cats are healthy but independent cats from

local shelters available to community members

looking for natural pest deterrents. Whether you run

a business or maintain a barn, we can help you find

the perfect working cat for your space.


• No adoption fee

• Provides natural pest control

• Vaccinated and spayed/neutered

• Frequently adopted in pairs to keep each other company

• Ideal for barns, warehouses, churches, factories, etc.

• Provides previously homeless animals with a safe place to live

• Helps reduce the number of cats killed in shelters



• Adopters must provide food, water and any necessary veterinary care.

• Adopters will need to allow two to four weeks for the cats

to acclimate to the new space.




How much does it cost to adopt a working cat?

The adoption fee is waived and has no cost to you. After the adoption you will be responsible for providing food, water, shelter and any necessary vet care.


What do I do when I bring the cats home?

New cats will need to be confined to a secure room or enclosure for 2-4 weeks while they acclimate to their new surroundings. The Jefferson Parish Community Cat program can provide a crate, if needed. We will also provide food, water and a clean litter pan for this transitional period. After the period cats will usually be acclimated to their new environment. Post release, continue to provide daily food and water and allow them access to shelter.


Are they spayed or neutered?

Yes. All working cats come spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped, ear-tipped, and are combo tested.


Do you have any friendly working cats?

No, the cats in the Working Cat Program are not social or suited to be indoor pets. We strongly encourage our adopters to offer the cats in this program an independent outdoor life with the required food and shelter. If you are interested in adopting a friendly cat for your home please visit our adoptable cats page.

Do you have any working kittens?
The youngest cats in the Working Cat Program are approximately six months old. The Jefferson Parish Community Cat Program will not adopt out younger kittens as working cats, as they don’t yet have knowledge, size, or skills to safely transition to a new outdoor environment. Most cats in the working cat program are young adults between one to five years of age, though we do have younger or older cats available occasionally. If you have an age preference, just let us know, and we’ll do what what we can to accommodate you!


What do the working cats require?

The cats require shelter in a permanent building or structure like a barn, shed, stable, or garage in a suitable rural area where they will be safe. The property should be at least .5 miles away from busy roads. Daily food and water must be provided, as well as any future medical care needed. The cats must also be kept confined for the initial 2-4 week relocation period to ensure a successful transition to their new home.


Can I come look at or select, my barn cats?

 JPAWS will select working cats for you based on which cats are the most eager to enter a cat carrier for us in the working cat enclosure or by who has been waiting at the shelter the longest. If you have a color, age, or gender preference, we will do our best to accommodate you, though! All working cat adoptions are scheduled by appointment since it can take some time and to round the kitties up. 

Call the shelter for more information. 504 349-5111 

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