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The Amazing Acro-Cats


The Amazing Acro-Cats tour stops in New Orleans each year and partners to fundraise for Jefferson SPCA. The troupe celebrates Christmas (or Catmas) with special purr-formances of their unique feats of agility with a holiday twist by jumping through wreaths, rolling ornaments, pushing a sleigh and much more!


Cat lovers of all ages are delighted and astounded as these extraordinary Christmas Cats disprove the notion that “cats can’t be trained”. 


There are special appearances by The Rock-Cats playing seasonal carol selections such as “A Cat in a Manger”, “Catnip Roasting on an Open Fire” and “God Rest Ye Merry Kittens”.


The majority of The Amazing Acro-Cats were adopted from shelters.  Keeping with that tradition, Master Trainer Samantha Martin has fostered over 120 shelter kittens and trains them not only to perform tricks, but important emergency situation maneuvers.  These foster kittens have become a heartwarming part of the performance as they eagerly wait for their new fur-ever home! Jefferson SPCA holds Adoption Events in the lobby at each of the performances.  The Amazing Acro-Cats donate a portion of each ticket sale to support their cause.


The Amazing Acro-Cats have been featured on television, online, magazines and now BOOKS! Yes, our very own Tuna has been immortalized in a new book “Animal Superstars”.   In turn, Jax, not to be shown up by Tuna, is featured in the latest edition of National Geographic Kids Magazine!  Our 15 minute segment aired on Animal Planet’s “Must Love Cats”, a series which highlighted exceptional cats and their owners all across the United States.  The Amazing Acro-Cats have appeared on numerous televised/web programs including: The Soup and I Can Has Cheezburger.  AOL News and Cat Fancy Magazine.  Additionally, Samantha and The Amazing Acro-Cats were featured in the “Dogs and Cats” edition of National Geographic along with other animal training experts, including Cesar Milan.


See the Amazing Acro-Cats Live and in Purr-son! To find out more visit




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