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Camp Happy Tails Summer Camp


The Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services (JPAWS) offers a whole lineup of summer camps for the young animal enthusiast. Camp Happy Tails teaches kids how to be safe, responsible pet guardians, and how to make our community a better place for all animals. Spend the summer making new friends, learning cool things, playing games, and hanging out with amazing animals! The kids aren’t the only ones who have fun- our shelter pets receive some much needed TLC as well! 

**All camps involve making dog treats, cat toys, spending time with adoptable dogs out in the yards, and playing with cats. 

**All camps are $300 which includes all camp supplies and T Shirt.

**Limited scholarships available.

**We are unable to offer before or aftercare.

 *SUMMER 2021 CAMP SESSIONS WILL BE HELD AT OUR WEST BANK CAMPUS       2701 Lapalco Blvd., Harvey 70058 


Wacky Animal Science 

Ages 7-9 Child must be 7 by camp start date. 

Is your child fascinated by the wild, wiggly, gross and icky?  Then Wacky Animal Science is for them! Campers will have fun discovering the weird, wacky biology of our animal friends! Yes, there's likely to be bugs involved, and yes, we will learn about worms! Yes, we will talk about parasites, and look at animal poop!  Through observations, experiments (which cat litter is the most absorbent?) and animal experiences, young scientists will learn the ‘why’ behind the gurgles, smells, and unique behaviors that make animals so interesting! Grab your goggles and get ready, this hands-on experience is perfect for the aspiring veterinarian or biologist! 


Y.A.A Young Animal Advocates-

Ages 9-12 Child must be 9 by camp start date.

This camp is for animal lovers who want to change the world for the better and want to start now!  Want to plant a garden for community cats? Learn some basic carpentry skills while building dog shelters and bird houses? Help homeless pets find a home?  Your young animal advocate will be engaged all week with hands on projects, various guest speakers involved in animal welfare, and daily care of our shelter animals. We will discuss issues like animal testing, ocean pollution and factory farming in an age appropriate way, and campers will have a binder full of  'change maker tools' at the end of the week to help them continue to advocate for our furry, feathered and scaled friends.


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